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Are you ready to be transported to a world of magic, adventure, and mythical creatures?

Meet Connor Irving, the 19-year-old British debut author of YA fantasy books who’s taking the literary world by storm!

As a lover of myths and legends from around the world, Connor has always been fascinated by the misunderstood and demonized characters within these tales. It’s this fascination that has driven him to write stories that capture the imagination and transport readers to fantastical worlds beyond their wildest dreams.

After studying Classical Civilisations for a year at Warwick University, Connor’s writing career took off. He’s had several blogs published and currently scribes the Sun Titan, Helios, for the online magazine In the Pantheon.

But that’s not all! Connor is also the creative mastermind behind The Mythology Manifest, a popular Tiktok, YouTube, and Twitter account that helps introduce people to the wonders of mythology.

If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat, Connor’s books are a must-read. With his talent for crafting compelling stories and his dedication to perfecting his craft, there’s no doubt that Connor is a rising star in the world of literature.

Follow him on his journey as he continues to inspire and entertain with his captivating writing!

A Member of the Tea With Coffee Family

Tea With Coffee Media is a team of indie authors, designers, and editors who have a goal of helping indie media producers make their dreams become a reality. Their modest press has aspirations to help as many indie media producers succeed as possible. Connor is signed by Tea With Coffee Media for The Salt of Angels Book One: Pillars of Cloud.

The Mythology Manifest

The Mythology Manifest is a YouTube, Tiktok and Twitter page run by Connor. It is a forum dedicated to exploring and explaining all manner of myths and legends around the world as well as new tales and stories inspired or influenced by them in a way accessible accessible to all.

In the Pantheon

We are more than an old scribe’s tales. History was written by the victors and those with deep opinions, and in this new age, we strive to become more than old Homer’s flowery and potent words, or Ovid’s ballads of conquest and pillage. Mortal Scribes found worthy by the gods seek to immortalize their exploits and legends in the modern-day world. Connor scribes Helios, the Sun Titan.

The Seraphic Council has decided it is time for a change, for new rules to be announced. The Arcadian Laws. A set of regulations monitoring and oppressing the members of the Alium- the supernatural community.

Lilith, Queen of Hell and mother of Demons has begun raising an army, lead by her four children: Astaroth, Estrie, Loukas and Mania, to fight against these new laws.

With a war impending, ancient beings facing modern day problems and new secrets being exposed with every passing day; only one question remains.

Would you sell your soul to save your people?